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Amendments to 7 Pa Code Chapter 150
Over-order premium hearing notice
Haulers employing non-certified weigher/samplers
Non-renewed license enforcement
Original bonds with license applications
Non-Certified Weigher/Samplers
License Year 23-24 Milk Dealer Bond Increases
Milk Dealer Monthly Report Due Date and Enforcement
Amendments to 7 Pa Code section 149 - Revised Hearing Notice
Amendments to 7 Pa Code sections 146 and 149 - Hearing Notice
Service contract price lists
Service Contract Provisional Approval
USDA minimum price enforcement
Area 4 Limited Service and School Discounts
Charitable Milk Donations upon Covid-19 Disaster Emergency Expiration
Termination of MOU with the Department of Agriculture
USDA Contracts and Minimum Price Enforcement
Depooled Milk Negative PPD Enforcement
Expiration of Bulletins 1575 and 1576
USDA Food Box Program
PMMB60 Revision
On-Farm Milk Dumping Enforcement Guidance
On-Farm Milk Dumping
COVID-19 Charitable Milk Donations and Sales
Calculation and Enforcement of OGO A-1004
Amendment to PA Code ch. 150; milk marketing fees
Advertising Below Minimum Prices
Retail Pricing - Promotions and Coupons
Raw Milk Sample Quantity
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